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Disclaimer:  The ‘Calling Holland’ weblog is not an official RNW publication. Not. You will find the official presence of the new RNW at rnw.org .

This blog was started when it became clear that drastic budget cuts by the Dutch government would decimate Holland’s international broadcaster and web publisher.

One year later, in June 2012, the axe had fallen. After the closing of its Dutch service, Radio Netherlands Worldwide would also end its English, Indonesian, Spanish and Caribbean radio broadcasts.

This blog is for everyone who wants to help keep memories of Radio Netherlands alive.

The blog is maintained by (former) RNW staff volunteers. Contact: robkievit@gmail.com

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Disclaimer:  The ‘Calling Holland’ weblog is not an official RNW publication. Not. You will find the official presence of the new RNW at rnw.org .


2 Responses to About this blog

  1. Dan McNulty says:

    I still find myself tuning to the shortwave frequencies that Radio Netherlands did their broadcasts on, even though I know it’s over as the transmitter towers on the island of Bonaire are now gone. Since 1980, I have listened to the Radio Netherlands Broadcasts. To all of the former employee’s of Radio Netherlands, you made a difference in people’s lives. What you did, mattered. You put the Netherlands on the world map, plain and simple. I know this is asking a lot. But is it possible to get some of the former employee’s together and do a streaming audio broadcast of the old radio netherlands from shortwave days, but put in on the air via the internet? Use the old Interval Signal five minutes before the hour, and go right into a Radio Netherlands Broadcast from Hilversum. Even though the Shortwave is gone, what is to prevent the former Radio Netherlands Staff to continue on, but put in on the internet with an english broadcast? Maybe there could be some commercial revenue to be made with such a private broadcast venture? It would be great to hear some of the voices (that were let go by the government cuts) again. Please consider this idea if you would. Thank you. Dan from Rosemount, MN, USA.

    • robkievit says:

      Hi Dan,
      Thank you for your kind words. Like you, we all miss the old Radio Netherlands, and the way it made its presence felt around the world. Since November 2012, the 260 people that were fired have all gone their separate ways, many of them to new careers outside broadcasting. When we were in the process of winding down the English service, we did in fact consider setting up a webstream like the one you describe. There is no lack of archive material, that is not the problem, but the obstacle was how to keep this going for longer than a few weeks. We’ve got some experience with this: in its final couple of years, all RNW’s radio broadcasts were in fact part of a 24-hour webstream. Putting something like that together, and keeping it running day after day, was a real job for 7 (half) days a week – I know, for I was that man for a while. It is doubtful whether volunteers, however dedicated, would be able to perform that task in the long run. As for your question about commercial revenue which could be made, that is a nice thought, but it’s only the big players like Spotify, AccuRadio and so on who can generate some income from streaming audio content. The target audience of our “Radio Netherlands Webwide” would be too small for that. I’m afraid that it’s not likely that a commemorative Radio Netherlands webstream could be set up any time soon. But still, thank you for giving the matter some thought.
      Rob Kievit
      Former RNW English Dept. Senior Editor; now self-employed journalist and blogger

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