Radio Netherlands one-day broadcast

Celebrating its 70th birthday, a special broadcast was made by former Radio Netherlands staff from the Automobile Museum in Schagen, North Holland province. The museum is home to the only surviving RN Outside Broadcasting Van, which has been restored, outside and in, to its original condition. This includes all of the valve-driven studio equipment, which was built to Netherlands Radio Union specifications, matching the public radio studios in Hilversum. Niels Zack is the engineer who put in a lot of labour and love into the machinery, which was actually used during the broadcast.

Most of the 7-hour show on 15 April 2017 was in Dutch and went out on shortwave, mediumwave, DAB+ and several internet channels. A 1980s documentary in English on shortwave broadcasting was aired in its entirety; other English content included a telephone conversation with Graham Gill and several messages from listeners on the day.

If you missed it, a download is available at

Or watch a video


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