Studios and offices now National Heritage

The former Radio Netherlands studios and offices have been designated National Heritage monuments by the Dutch Culture Minister, Ms. Jet Bussemaker. In a drive to preserve recent buildings, characteristic of the post-WWII reconstruction period, the former home of RNW in Hilversum was listed in recognition of the way it ‘symbolized the development of Dutch radio and television broadcasting’.

RNW_buildingDesigned by architects J.H. van den Broek and J.B. Bakema, the building was officially opened in 1961 by the then monarch, Queen Juliana. Referring to the ground plan’s outline, she wished “this beautiful dragonfly” a happy and productive flight. And that is what happened. Until July 2012 the building buzzed with activity, producing international radio programming in countless languages, beamed to the world on shortwave, satellite and the web, around the clock.

Watch a video of the building, eerily empty shortly after the departure of all the staff, and just before it was taken over by its new tenants, a domestic broadcaster: RNW the way it was. Courtesy of Peter Veenendaal:

(Originally published on Dutch website De Wereld Online)


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