RN Service Indonesia… Ranesi!

Radio Netherlands’ international service aimed at Indonesia closed at the same time as the other sections in 2012. Known by its syllabic acronym Ranesi, the service provided independent news and background to a faithful listenership in the former Dutch colony of Indonesia.

A number of Ranesi’s journalists took early retirement when the radio and web service ended, but quite a few of them are active on the web. Owing to their efforts, bits of Radio Netherlands’ Service Indonesia are living on.

Here’s a random selection:

Bari Muchtar is running Beritabelanda.com, continuing Radio Netherlands’ tradition of news about the Netherlands in the language of the target audience – Bahasa Indonesia in this case. Bari is also on Twitter.

Yanti Mualim, who served as Head of the Ranesi section for many years, has turned blogger with her Dunia Taman.  Topics on the multilingual blog (Bahasa, Dutch, English) are often associated with to gardens and parks around the world, as well as with Yanti’s own history.

Former Indonesia correspondent Edwin Mooibroek has settled in the Netherlands and is actively continuing his career as a journalist here.

Eka Tanjung has realized his dream with Sepakbolanda, a website in Bahasa full of football (soccer) news. And he’s on Twitter, too.

Fediya Andina is on Twitter
Han Harlan is on Twitter

… to name but a few.


About robkievit

Served the world through Radio Netherlands Worldwide from 1996 to 2012
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