RNW talent at home on prime time national TV

In the late 1990s Simone Weimans and Max Ohlenschlager hosted RNW’s Roughly Speaking, a fast-paced programme aimed at the station’s young listeners. Deftly produced by Howard Shannon, the weekly show presented an amalgam of the Dutch music scene, social issues around the world and cultural events aimed at the under-30s.

“Where are they now” is a favourite pastime among radio fans, and we’re no different. So: Max Ohlenschlager has moved on to become a social worker counselling young people; Howard Shannon is a currently a radio producer working for the BBC, and Simone Weimans is still presenting fast-paced shows telling you “what is hot and what is not”. Except that now, she is doing it on national TV, hosting the 6 o’clock news: http://bit.ly/1SGjh1X.


Roughly Speaking‘s signature tune was by Amsterdam band The Treble Spankers, who were hot in the Dutch capital around 1995, despite their somewhat anachronistic surf sound.


About robkievit

Served the world through Radio Netherlands Worldwide from 1996 to 2012
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