Newsline – a sideways look at current affairs

Although RN’s English service was quite a small operation by international standards, it boasted its own current affairs programme, Newsline. For a couple of decades, the station’s journalists sought out intelligent comment on the news of the day. It was not the usual talking heads that were heard on the show; that would have been a mere duplication of what other English-speaking broadcasters were doing. Instead, Newsline always tried to find a different take by interviewing experts, commissioning tailor-made dispatches from its own network of correspondents, or reworking material supplied by any of the other language sections.
And standing firmly in the Anglo-Saxon tradition, Newsline’s reporters could be ruthless inquisitors. Here’s a clip from 2010, with Marijke Peters (I believe) trying to get to the bottom of a Pakistani fatwa situation.

Newsline did not survive until the end of English broadcasts. As fewer people were available to produce the programme’s three daily editions, five days a week, it was wound down a couple of years before the end of the English service.


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