Digging for gold, finding Earth Beat

There was a bit of a fracas over the past month when the old RNW.nl website was taken offline by the management of the new rnw.org. While most of the audio archives have found a safe home, no such luck for the old website. It contained a wealth of material published by Radio Netherlands, from the beginnings of the internet in the mid-1990s until June 2012. It served as an online archive of material produced by RNW when it was a public broadcaster. Ground-breaking productions by eminent journalists, from Robert Chesal’s child abuse investigations to Hans Jaap Melissen’s eyewitness accounts from Haiti or Tahrir Square, are no longer available to the public.
We will not repeat the whole discussion here; suffice it to say that despite many protests the rnw.org management has refused to retrace its steps, saying that the old content is no longer relevant to the new target groups of RNW.
I would like to put a more positive slant on this. We had a good thing going, we understand why it is no longer there, but we, the makers, don’t want to disown what we did before June 2012. It’s amazing how much of the old Radio Netherlands is still lurking around in nooks and crannies of the web beyond the reach of the new management, or is even continuing in a new guise – witness the links to the right.
I just added a link to the Earth Beat channel on Youtube, with videos which give you a taste – in more senses than one – of the kind of topics the radio programme featured.


About robkievit

Served the world through Radio Netherlands Worldwide from 1996 to 2012
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One Response to Digging for gold, finding Earth Beat

  1. jasminnanda says:

    I miss the good old days of RNW…a part of me. The organizations can never understand the warmth of old RNW…

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